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Thermal power plants is the main source of energy and electricity in India and almost all countries of the world. Most of the giant thermal power plants have capacity of 500MW to 1000 MW. Investment in such giant thermal power plants is Rs 100 million per MW including transmission lines and distribution lines. ( 60 rupees = 1 US$, MW=1000KW). So 1000MW thermal power plant costs Rs 100 million/MW x 1000MW =Rs 100 billion. Now let us think about tiny thermal power plants. Mostly 10 HP power plant will be people's friendly as it will satisfy most of the basic ...

Tiny Thermal Power Plants

Steam energy is coming back very fast as blessing for distributed generation. There is bright scope of establishing 10 million tiny thermal power plants in India. Capacity of most of such tiny power plants will be from 5 HP to 20 HP and rarely up to 50HP. Tiny thermal power plant is the simplest plant consisting of steam engine, small boiler and alternator(if electricity is essential). This has vast opportunities for small generation capacities in villages. Such tiny power plants will have the following eye catching inherent advantages:-

Appeal To Thermal Power Engineers

Mahatma Gandhi has asserted that pre-condition of happy society is that all the means of production of primary needs of the people must be in the hands of the common masses. This applies to all the primary needs such as rice, sugar, jaggery, oil, cloth, footwear, and also electricity and power. Gandhiji was deadly against heavy and giant industries. So he was against giant thermal power plants also. He once asserted that cables of transmission lines can be only used by common people for wrapping around neck and committing suicide. He also once asserted that we (People of India) should ...

Huge Scope of Tiny Thermal Power Plant

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