Why TinyTech Maize Mill? Technical Details
The simplest, appropriate & scientific design
Very simple and easy to operate
Long, reliable and trouble free operation
Minimum maintenance
Pay back period against investment, less than 3 months
Highly profitable for custom milling
12 nos. of reversible hardened beaters revoling at speed above 3000 RPM
Three easily replaceable sieves are provided for desired fineness of maize flour
Inner housing made of steel is easily replaceable
Design is based on hammer mill principle


Tiny maize mill is a blessing to the millions of common masses. It is very strong but peaceful and non violent weapon which is capable to get rid 300 millions of African people from exploitation of billions of dollars which is drained to giant maize millers.

Big scale maize milling costs heavily to the society. Maize costing US $100/ when goes to the consumer as maize flour through large scale maize millers, it is costing at least US $ 140 to 150/-. So value addition in large scale maize milling is 40 % at least. But if maize milling is done at the consumers point by custom milling, value added will be only 10% i.e. maize worth US $ 100/ when converted into maize flour will cost US $ 110/- only. So 30% cost will be reduced by decentralized maize milling and that entire benefit will go to the consumers directly. The total production of maize in Africa is 36 million tonnes. So total cumulative annual benefit to the people of Africa will run into huge figure of billions of dollars. So you can imagine the benefitting capacity of tiny maize mill to the common masses.IT IS REALLY REVOLUTIONARY.


Big, giant and complicated machinery for maize milling is not at all necessary:

  1. It creates and encourages the following evils:  
  2. It increases unnecessary transport of maize and also of maize flour.
  3. It unnecessarily adds to the demand of highways and vehicles.
  4. It unnecessarily complicates distribution system involving whole sellers, retailers, big stores, super markets etc.
  5. It unnecessarily involves costly packaging, advertising, publicity etc.

Maize milling is a very simple process. With tiny maize mill, rural peasants and farmers can get their own maize milled into maize flour on custom milling basis as and when necessary. Maize mill owner can get milling charges. He has not to purchase maize and sell maize flour. He has not to worry about costly packaging. He can handover the maize flour to the customers in their own utensils or sacks. He has not to invest money for raw materials. He has not to maintain any stock of raw material or finished product. He has not to advertise about his business. He has to simply go on milling the maize of the customers and go on collecting milling charges. This becomes very simple business as a self employment for tiny maize mill owner. Any ordinary person can run this business. Maize milling is so much basic becessity that you can install tiny maize mill in any street and corner of any city or town or anywhere in rural area and immediately surrounding people will start utilising the services of tiny maize mill on custom milling. Such hundreds of thousands of tiny maize mills can be established throughout Africa.