• Palm Oil Expeller V/s Mechanical Screw Press

    We have observed in Ghana that quality of oil through mechanical press is far better than oil from expeller. In mechanical press, only static pressure is given without any crushing and without any movement of material. So clean oil is recovered. While in expeller, a lot of rubbing and crushing movement takes place and hence a lot of sludge is created and it gets mixed with oil which becomes headache to separate. So entire clarification process is developed for mass production which is again water polluting process as 150% water is added in clarification process rendering entire water quantity polluted. In mechanical screw press, you can avoid clarification altogether. Expeller technology is simply for mass production which is mainly used for huge palm oil mills. For small scale production, mechanical screw press gives better results. But it is manual process. We should come out of the craze of automation. In fact our cooking kettle works very fine for sterilizing also. It consumes less power also.

    Process in brief is as under :-

    1. Palm fruits bunches is fed to stripper machine where palm fruits will be separated out and will be collected at bottom conveyor. Empties will come out at the opposite end which is excellent fuel for boiler.

    2. This palm fruits will be cooked in steam cooking cum sterilizing kettle.

    3. From kettle, it will be fed to Mechanical screw press where oil will be squeezed and you can get very clear red palm oil.

    4. Oil thus produced will be filtered through a pump and thus you get very clear palm oil from filter press.

    5. From mechanical screw press, you get mixture of nut and fiber which is to be dried under sun.

    6. Then nuts and fibers can be separated out in nut fiber separator.Again fibers will be excellent fuel.

    7. One steam engine of 30 hp will drive complete plant by belts, pulleys and counter shaft and also alternator 10KVA for electricity for any type of use for lighting, water pumping or selling to neighbours.

    8. We have not offered expeller which produces mixture of sludge + oil and afterwards separation is a big headache. In big palm oil mills, separation is done by adding 150% water, but it is too much polluting process. One of our customer from Ghana (West Africa) informed us that he is very happy with mechanical screw press and he does not use expeller anymore. So based on his practical experience, we strongly suggest that above is a perfect offer to you.


    (Highly suitable for rural electrification by green power)

    Tiny palm oil mill with sterilizing cum cooking kettles and mechanical screw press powered by steam is ideal combination. As a lot of fuel is generated in the process it self - about 23% empty palm bunches, 15% fibres and 6% palm nut shells, totally 44% fuel. If you process 10 tonnes a day, palm waste is generated up to 4.4 tonnes which is very much valuable fuel. If you use steam power, you will hardly consume 40kg fuel per hour. So at the most 1000kg in 24 hours. Thus you will have large surplus fuel almost 3.4 tonnes for generating extra power for rural electrification. If you want to run power house of 30hp engine, 20KVA alternator and boiler, it will consume one tonne palm waste in 24 hours. So you can run 3 such power houses round the clock from surplus fuel generated from your tiny palm oil mill. One such power house can give lights to 300 families for 6 hours at night and you can use power house for running industry such as maize milling, rice milling, water pumping etc for 18 hours. This much power production will be from free of cost fuel. So tiny palm oil mill is really blessing to the people.


    Palm oil mills receive the palm fruits in the form of palm fruit bunches of 10 to 30 kg. weight. So first operation is to separate the palm fruits from the palm bunches. Separation of palm fruits by hand is very big drugery. But TINYTECH palm fruit stripper separates palm fruits from the bunches by easy mechanical process. Stripping operation is done by the beaters welded on all the four sides of revolving heavy square shaft of the stripper. When bunch is thrown on the revolving beater shaft, due to the action of beater, entire bunch is thrown up and is allowed to fall again and again on the revolving beaters. Thus palm fruits are separated and fall down through the screen which are collected by the bottom conveyor and is taken out from the outlet. Empty bunches are automatically pushed on the other end of the palm fruit stripper machine. TINYTECH stripper is capable of stripping off sterilised fruits as well as non sterilised fruits effectively. Stripping capacity is 2 to 3 tonnes per hour. So one stripper can provide separated palm fruits to two palm oil expellers.


    Loose palm fruits are fed to the cooking kettle. Palm fruits are cooked properly in the cooking kettle by means of steam. Steam comes from boiler. Cooking kettle has jacketed bottom which is heated by the steam in the jacket. So palm fruits are properly heated. Moreover, some direct steam is added into the kettle which gets mixed with the palm fruits. So palm fruits are properly cooked & sterilised in such a way that all cells of the palm fruits become ready to liberate the oil. Thus separate sterlisation process is not necessary in TINYTECH technology. In fact, sterlization process is done in the cooking kettle. Properly cooked palm fruits go to the crushing chamber cage of the palm expeller just below the cooking kettle. Cooking kettle is mounted on the palm oil expeller itself and is driven from the expeller shaft. Worm shaft of the oil expeller pushes cooked palm fruits with the force into the crushing chamber which is a cage with thin long gaps all around the cage. Oil is liberated immediately due to crushing action and oil flows through the thin gaps and falls down into the bottom tank. Mixture of palm nuts and fibres is ejected from the side. Expeller runs on 7.5 HP electric motor through the reduction gear arrangement. It has capacity of crushing of 400 kg. loose palm fruits per hour.


    The mixture of the palm nuts and fibres is obtained as by product of the palm fruit expeller. It is essential to separate palm nuts from the fibres. It is done in the hand operated machine called nut fibre separator. It is  inclined cylindrical type revolving machine heaving all around suitable size screen from which fibres can escape but palm nuts can not escape. So while travelling the mixture from upper end to lower end of the machine, all the fibres escape from the cylindrical screen while palm nuts are collected from the lower end of the nut fibre separator. Fibres are used in the boiler as fuel. Palm nuts  are sold out to the palm kernel mills where they crack the palm nuts, get the palm kernels, crush the palm kernels and get the palm kernel oil.


    If required, this crude palm oil can be filtered in TINYTECH oil filter press for better quality of CPO. For this purpose, oil pump is connected as integral part of the oil expeller with non return valves on both the sides. This oil pump sucks the oil from the oil tank and pushes to the filter press with heavy force. So oil is filtered in the filter press and you can get very clean filtered palm oil.

    People in Africa, traditionally extract palm oil with simple hand opeated oil press. They separate the palm fruits by hand from the bunches and they carry to the traditional palm oil mill. Palm fruits are traditionally heated with water and sterilized into the asphalt drums by firing under the asphalt drum.


    The sterlized palm fruits are fed to the hopper at one end of the pounding machine in which there are many beaters welded on the square shaft of the machine. Beater shaft is revolved through the pulleys and V belts by 5 HP electric motor or 6 HP diesel engine. So due to beating action, palm fruits are crushed into somewhat homogeneous mass of palm nuts and fibres containing palm oil. This mass is discharged from the bottom outlet of the other end of the machine. Pounding machine is also called palm fruits digester. 


    Such pounded palm fruits are filled up into the perforated cylindrical cage which is put under the mechanical screw press which is operated by hand. By pressing the screw down, pressing plate under the screw goes down into the perforated cylinder cage by pressing the entire mass of palm fruits. Due to the pressure,  palm oil is liberated through the small holes around the cylindrical surface. Oil is then collected into the utensils through the bottom tray. Two cylindrical perforated cages are provided with every press so that when one is under pressure, second cage is being filled up. Each cage can take about 40 to 50 kg of palm fruits per batch. About 25 to 30% palm oil is extracted. This palm oil is traditionally used as cooking oil.


    Process in brief is as under :-

    (1) Palm fruits bunches are sterilized traditionally by feeding in drums with water and by burning palm waste underneath so that steam produced will sterilize all palm fruits. This system has been upgraded by scientific sterilizer having 4 quadrant hanging cages of perforated metal under which water is boiled by burning palm waste. Once palm bunches get sterilized, any one cage is lifted by crane or chain pulley block and emptied into the hopper of palm fruits stripper.Digital weighing crane scale will show correct weight of the hanging cage.

    (2) Sterilized palm fruits bunches are emptied into a big hopper of palm fruit stripper and fed to stripper machine where palm fruits will be separated out by jumping the bunches and falling down and will be collected at bottom conveyor. About two tonnes of palm bunches will be processed and fruits will be separated and empties will come out at the opposite end which will be excellent fuel for boiler after drying under the sun.

    (3) This palm fruits will be fed to the steam cooking kettle manually where it will be cooked by the steam coming from the boiler.

    (4) From kettle, it will be fed to Palm oil expeller just by gravity where red palm oil will be extracted . Mixture of whole palm nuts and fibers will be discharged from the side of expeller. It is dried under sun for one or two days.

    (5) Palm nuts will be separated in a very simple machine Nut Fiber Separator. Fibers will be again excellent fuel for boiler. Palm nuts can be sold out in the market.

    (6) One steam engine of 20 hp will drive oil expeller and kettle. Another steam engine will drive palm fruits stripper, suitable generator for electricity for use for lighting, water pumping etc.

    (7) You will not require outside electricity or diesel. So you will be completely independent from power problem. So you can run your mill round the clock and get full production without stop. Let prices of diesel and electricity increase 100 times, you are not affected at all.

    (8) Factory shed requirement is 60 ft x 40 ft X 24 ft height. (18 mt x 12 mt x 7.5 mt )

    (9) Power requirement NIL, NIL, NIL,


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