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    I am mechanical engineer and law graduate also. I am 72 years young. As I was born in poor farmer's family and as I am influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's life, my heart always burns for poor, oppressed and trodden people. But still I wasted 14 years of my precious young life in doing jobs for vested interest organizations like government, semi government organizations, big cooperatives etc. Then I summoned up all my courage and left the job in 1982 and founded TINYTECH PLANTS and since then I am deeply engrossed in development of small and simple technology for creating and strengthening local economy.

    During the first few years of my experience, I realized that the entire world is rushing in the dangerous direction of centralizing production, centralizing economic and political powers and more and more exploiting common masses not only in poor countries but also in developed countries. I realized that this rush of the world is going to strike to dead wall. So called development is going to be proved as mirage in the desert to billions of people.

    I realized that all this centralization has become possible due to big and heavy industries and big machinery. So it is urgent necessity to create alternative to all big industries. During the experience, certain convictions took shape in my heart which I am trying to follow and which are described as MY BASIC CONVICTIONS. It is my faith that it will remain for ever with my soul and it will not be burnt when I die and when my body will be burnt.

    At present I am engrossed in the development of various technologies such as wind mills, wind turbines, solar thermal power plant, steam engines and hence entire business is run by my able son Gopal Desai who is also mechanical engineer. In fact, development of appropriate technology is my partial activity. MY AREA OF INTERESTS describes my entire activity and thinking.


  • My Basic Convictions

    Mahatma Gandhi's inspiring thinking on industries combined with my practical experience of 30 years as Mechanical Engineer has carved the following Basic Convictions in my heart.

    (1) All the dreadful problems appearing nowadays in the world such as unemployment, hunger, exploitation, disparity, polution, urbanisation, war, terrorism etc. are direct result of heavy and centralized industries.

    (2) The modern civilization based on wasteful expenditure of natural resources is destined to end in near future.

    (3) Twenty first century is not in the hands of centralized heavy industries. Undercurrent of decentralization has already started; and by the end of first decade of new century, the world will throw away the dogma of industrialization.

    (4) Idea of "Everything under one roof" has become out dated. The process of splitting the bigger factories into small units has already started.

    (5) Principles of more economic viabilities for bigger units are illusionary. In fact where social cost is considered, bigger units can never be viable.

    (6) Complex giant technology has given rise to complex way of living, due to which greed and selfishness have captured human minds and we have lost the way of happiness.

    (7) Real happiness is possible only through simple living, which is possible through simple and small technology only. Complicated machinery makes simple thing also complicated.

    (8) World can live in peace and harmony only if we create self sustained societies.

    (9) When production is made for consumption and not for marketing, present theories of economics crumble down.

    (10) Small is possible at every stage, in every industry, in every country. Small is inevitable in every industry related to primary needs of the common masses in every country.

    (11) Present tax collection systems can exist only on centralized form of heavy industries. This facilitates and increases legalized robbery of people by Governments.

    (12) Transport is the curse to the mankind. It facilititates spreading of evils. Worldwide transport gives rise to worldwide exploitation.

    My Horror

    Whenever I see any big factory or industry, I am horrified to look at it, because it looks me as DEMON threatening the existence of humanity, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc.

    My Solace

    Whenever I see any tiny cottage industry, I am pacified to look at it, because it looks me as GOD's blessing enriching the life-style of mankind, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc.

    V.K. DESAI
    B.E.(Mech.), LL.B.
    Managing Director


    (1) The ensuing energy revolution throughout the world will drive out most of the evils created by industrial revolution of the last century.i.e. Poverty, unemployment, hunger, disparity, urbanization, pollution, terrorism, war, centralization etc will be reduced to the minimum.

    (2) Days of MW power have gone. Present century is for KW power. Energy revolution is poised to decentralization of not only energy production but also of all the industrial activity in the world.

    (3) Power plants up to10 kw generated by steam, solar, wind biogas or any other source is human, cheap, simple viable, manageable and beneficial to the humanity. Bigger than 10 kw is unhuman, costly, complicated, unmanagable and harmful to the society as it gives rise to the exploitation and other evils.

    (4) It is possible to devise all industrial activity of the world with 10 kw power or less.

    (5) It is possible to create the world without grid power lines.

    (6) If grid exists after 2 decades, electricity will flow in reverse direction i.e. from rural areas to big cities.

    (7) Steam power is coming back very fast and all the agricultual processing such as oil milling, sugarcane crushing, cotton ginning, rice milling, wood working will be shifted on steam power.

    (8) Solar thermal power plants of 10 kw or below will be millions in one or two decades.

    (9) Once the technology of making Photovoltaic solar cells is known, it will be left hand job for every Indian skillful woman to manufacture it at home no matter she may be illiterate. Then real home scale industries for every primary needs will blossom.

    (10) Transport will be reduced to minimum at the end of 21 century.


    (1) Decentralization of industries and creating alternative of all big industries particularly textile industry, edible oil industry, sugar industry, power and energy industry, cement industry etc.

    (2) dissemination of Gandhiji's views, his books, his literature, his thinking.

    (3)To join and to support any movement for decentralization of political powers to grass root level.

    (4)To join and to support any movement for empowerment of women, to fight against injustice to women and to protect Indian culture by preserving womanhood.

    (5) To join and to support any movement for removing present centralized class room education system and replacing Ashram and home school system based on Gandhiji's ideas of true practical education while working through industries.

    (6) To join and to support any movement to abolish present judiciary system and bring back ancient Panch Nyay system.

    (7) To join and to support any movement for total strict prohibition throughout the India.

    (8) To join and to support any movement for free gun right for self defense as exists in USA and as it existed in India before 1912.

    (9) To join and to support any movement for freely establishing community radios without any license and Government interference.

    (10) To join and to support any movement for abolishing all India services like IAS, IPS,IFS etc.

    (11) To join and to support any movement for abolishing present constitution of India and adopt new CONSTITUTION FOR REAL SWARAJ written by me to cherish the dream of Gandhiji to make half million villages as sovereign states. (This is available on http://freedomindia.com.

    (12) To join and to support any movement for removing English and replacing regional languages and Hindi in all schools and universities including medical and engineering faculties.( I have written a book in Gujarati DANGERS OF ENGLISH MEDIUM and locally running MATRUBHASHA MADHYAM ANDOLAN.)




    I wrote it in Gujarati and then I translated in English. Then Hindi, Marathi and Kannad editions have been published.


    The word SWARAJ can not be translated in English but its meaning includes independence, freedom, liberty, self rule, self restraint, local rule etc