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Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping, Renewable Energy Equipments


  • Extremely Simple.
  • Fully automatic.
  • No operator required.
  • Solar panels occupy only negligible area.
  • Appropriate size of inverter controller is attached to solar panels to provide 3 phase AC power.
  • Can be installed in 3 days only.
  • Once installed, it goes on working for 20 years.

Notes & Specifications:

Solar pumping system is fully automatic, not requiring any man power and works maintenance free for 20 years.

Cost includes solar panels, support structure, inverter and submersible pump, but does not include pipeline and cable

Each solar panel is of 250W and is approved by MNRE and is made of first grade polycrystalline solar cells, size of panel about 1.5mt x 1mt. Every solar panel is supplied with test certificate.

Each inverter controller is to convert DC power of low voltage to AC power of high voltage of 400V. 3 phase power. It is highly advanced electronic technology with Variable Frequency Drive, Maximum Power Point Tracking and all types of protections and facilities.

Submersible pump is specially made of high efficiency, not ordinarily available in the market.

Supporting steel structure is to be permanently fixed to the ground at the angle of latitude of the site and facing North or South in southern hemisphere.
If you remove pump, it remains solar power plant to connect any machine.

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