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We truly believe that..
"A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
He is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him.
He is not and interruption in our work, he is the purpose of it.
He is not an outsider in our business, he is part of it.
We are not doing him a favor by serving him.
He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Proper Guidance.

The most important aspect in business is appropriate guidance. Buyer is new in the field. If seller keeps God in heart, It becomes duty of seller to guide customer without keeping greed of money. It is our honour that we consider our customers as our brothers & sisters. So we have feeling for them. It is their hard earned money which they are about to invest. We give them very appropriate & useful guidance to make sure that investment they are doing should become fruitful. We give honest opinion to them with our only intention that they make economical investment & in future they feel happy for right selection of machinery.

Packing, Logistics & Shipping

We think packing should be environment friendly so we avoid wooden box packings as far as possible. Instead we make steel box & pack our machines in that tank so that it is eventually useful to customers for oil storage. Our logistic experience helps customers to save ocean freights.

Installation, Commissioning & Training

We are proud to feel that most our customers have apriciated us completeness of order by taking care of supplying all small items that customer may need to install plant. E.g. when we supply starter, we do supply wooden laminated board to fix on wall & then starter is fitted on wooden board. So we take extreme care while supplying plants. In case when it is essential, we propose for technician service & when it is not needed, we advise to save installation charges. We propose best possible solutions to our customers.

Aftersales Services

We provide aftersales services to our customers situated at the remotest corner of the world.

We understand importance of spares. We send full spare parts kit along with machinery itself, so that customers do not need to contact us for spares for about 3 years.
However whenever customers need spares, we give them top priority as we understand there is production loss as well as labours salary is on going. So we provide spares with fastest possible speed.