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Tinytech Oil Mills

Different types of oilseeds such as Groundnuts, Sunflower Seed, Sesame Seed, Palm Kernels, Copra, Cottonseed, Shea Nut, Rapeseed, Mustard etc. is grown in most countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Carribean coountries. Pure, fresh & natural cooking oil is primary and basic requirement all over the world.


  1. Mill is suitable to crush every kind of oilseeds whether edible or non-edible.
  2. Filtration of oil is better than bigger oil mills giving transparent pure natural & “at stretch convincing” appearance to the oil.
  3. Decorticator has special provision for shelling groundnut for seed purpose without breakage.
  4. Yield of oil is as high as big oil mills because of highly scientific worm sequence inside the chamber cage.
  5. Maintenance expenses are negligible.
  6. Technology is so simple that man can be trained within 3 days to operate the mill.
  7. Multiple expellers can crush different oilseeds simultaneously.
  8. DVD is provided with every export mill to explain operation, maintenance, names of components, dismantling, assembling etc.


  1. Some oil seeds such as rapeseeds, cottonseed, sesame, copra do not require steam heating, so boiler is not required to crush these seeds.
  2. Refining of all types of oil is not necessary. Filtered, natural oil is best for health. Filtered oil has minimum 18 month shelf life. However cottonseed oil requires refining or at least neutralizing.
  3. Castor seed oil requires steam heating in a neutralizing vessel before filtration.
  4. For palm fruits, our conventional expeller will not be useful. SPECIAL KIND OF completely DIFFERENT DESIGN plant is offered for processing FFB & to produce CPO ( Crude palm Oil ) and such Plant specially for palm fruits processing is not useful for any other oil seeds. For more details see palm oil plant in product menu.
  5. To understand ins & outs of this plant, you are welcome to visit us in India & we will glad to show you our factories & products.


  1. Tinytech Oil Mills greatly encourage rural development as wealth and self-employment jobs are generated in villages.
  2. Tinytech Oil Mills save transport expenses for carrying oil seeds to cities and bringing oil from cities.
  3. Tinytech Oil Mills make pure, fresh natural oil available to villagers from their own oil seeds on custom milling basis. So villagers are saved from profiteering, adulteration, taxation etc.
  4. Tinytech Oil Mills eliminate exploitation by middleman and traders, as consumers have direct contact with mills.
  5. Tinytech Oil Mills encourage animal husbandry by making oil cake available as best cattle feed. It increases milk production considerably.
Difference & Comparison
When you crush any seeds and whatever oil is extracted is passed through filter press and at the end of the process whatever oil you get is called "FILTERED OIL" If seeds which is crushed in oil mill plant are of bad quality , old, wet, rottenthen oil obtained will be bad quality & refiningof such oil becomes compulsory to convert bad quality oil to edible oil and at the end of the process whatever oil you get is called "REFINED OIL"
Raw material before process is : oilseeds Raw material is : highly acidic non edible oil
Finished process after process is : oil Finished process after process is : Refined edible oil
There are 3 functions: Seeds preparation Crushing Filteration. There are 3 functions: Neutralising Bleaching Deodourising.
Highest temperature during process is 70 degree C for hardly 1 minute. Highest temperature during process is 220 degree C for 5 hours.
"FILTERED OIL" is natural oil "REFINED OIL" is not natural oil
"FILTERED OIL" is better for health "REFINED OIL" is not good for long life.