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Solar Textile Looms

Solar Textile Looms, Renewable Energy Equipments


  • Paddle operated loom with solar panel
  • Can work in individual homes
  • No Factory Construction required
  • Huge potential of Employment creation through handlooms and solar powered looms


My life mission is to create self reliance in the primary needs of the people. Cloth is the most important primary need. So wherever cotton is produced, cloth must be produced there and there.

Cloth can be weaved by simple hand looms or cheap paddle looms. So weaving of cloth will be home industry. Once you have a yarn, you can easily establish many weaving looms either hand looms or paddle looms or solar operated looms. Investment will be comparatively very less. This weaving industry can provide self business or self employment to millions of people. So this industry will reduce poverty and unemployment in villages and will increase prosperity in poor rural society. Temporarily yarn can be imported and cloth can be produced locally.

So I have contemplated cluster of only 40 solar operated looms converted from paddle looms.Solar power will effectively work for 7 hours. Say 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and During which about 100 mt cloth will be weaved per loom. For rest of the period in the morning and in the evening, woman or man will operate the loom by paddles and will weave 50 mt cloth during 4 to 5 hours totally in the morning and in the evening. So totally 150 mt of cloth will be weaved per loom per day. So for 40 looms, 40 looms x 150 mt = 6000 mt of cloth per day. So this is very good industry. If we consider 200 working days in a year, then annual production will be 6000 mt per day x 200 days = 1200000 mt i.e. 1.2 million mt. Every person requires 12 mt cloth annually for decent living. So cluster of 40 looms can produce cloth for 100000 people.

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