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    Low investment, fast & high return.

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  •  oil expeller with cooking kettle

    oil expeller with cooking kettle

    Higher efficiency with optimum oil recovery.

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  •  automatic oil mill plant

    automatic oil mill plant

    Maximum output with minimum involvement of labor.

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  •  Oil Mill  Machinery

    Oil Mill Machinery

    Robust machinery with innovative design.

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  •  Oil Mills

    Oil Mills

    Updated technology for crushing every type of oilseeds.

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  •  Edible Oil Mill Plant

    Edible Oil Mill Plant

    Efficient processing technology with complete facilities.

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  •  Overseas Customers & Visitors

    Overseas Customers & Visitors

    Their satisfaction our success. Their success our satisfaction.

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  •  Sugarcane Juice Machine

    Sugarcane Juice Machine

    Worlds most compact & efficient machine now at your doorstep.

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  •  Oil Refinery Plant

    Oil Refinery Plant

    Complete oil refining solutions.

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Since 1983, TINYTECH PLANTS is pioneer, manufacturer & exporter of oil mill machinery and several other small scale projects for income generation based on human technology.

Oil Mill Machinery
Oil Mill Machinery

This plant produces pure cooking oil from different seeds & nuts.

Seed Processing Machinery
Seed Processing Machinery

Seeds preparations prior to oil production is important hence several types of machines for different seeds preparation are required.

Automatic Oil Mill Plant
Automatic Oil Mill Plant

Current trend is automatic oil mill plant with conveyors & elevators for seeds & cake transfers automatically.

Mini Oil Mill Plant
Mini Oil Mill Plant

Huge scope exist for Mini Oil Mills in every Oilseeds Producing Country.

Oil Refinery Plant
Oil Refinery Plant

Some oil extracted from bad quality seeds are not edible and needs refining process to make it edible such refinery plant is required.

Sugarcane Juice Machine
Sugarcane Juice Machine

Natural Sugarcane juice is nectar on this earth. Now any family can buy & keep machine at home & enjoy fresh juice by latest & most compact machine.

Renewable Energy Equipment
Renewable Energy Equipment

Millions of tons Agri waste can be utilized to produce energy.

Expeller with Cooking Kettle
Expeller with Cooking Kettle

This is the main machine which crush the oilseeds and produce the oil.



Our mission is to promote & prove Mahatma Gandhi’s thinking about divine rule of happiness, which is produce locally, consume locally.

'TINYTECH PLANTS' is a company for promoting tiny enterprises in various industrial fields through human technology for achieving rural development, local self reliance, poverty eradication and employment & income generation by creating alternative of giant company centered economy and promoting family centered economy all over the world. We work to develop decentralized economy to create happy society without disparity, poverty and unemployment.

'TINYTECH PLANTS', established in the year 1983, is the pioneer in oil mill machinery, palm oil mill machinery, refinery plants not only in India but we have large customer base all over the world in 119 countries. 'TINYTECH PLANTS' began by manufacturing Mini oil mills to produce oil from any kind of oil seeds. Over the years we have expanded our field of activities to include Oil Refinery Plants, Sugarcane Juice Machine, Mango Pulp Machine, Industrial Sugarcane Crushers, Jaggery Plants, Ghani, Peanut Butter Machine, Maize mill, Sesame Cleaning Machines, Solar Cookers and Solar Concentrators, Steam engines, Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers, Cross tube boilers and Steam Power Plants, Solar water Pumping systems.

We work on the principle of integrity, honesty, sincerity and dedication to serve our customers interest.

World bank from washigton DC published an article in 1991 in their magazine THE BANK’S WORLD with Title
“A little company with big ideas”


We provide services to our customers situated at the remotest corner of the world.
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By grace of god our technological & logistic experience has made this possible to fulfill customers need and thereby enhance happiness to the consumers.


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What our clients say about us !

I am from fiji and would like to buy a coconut husking machine from your company. At the moment i am using your product tinytech plant and it is going good. Yours faithfully...

James chaudhary

I'm happy to send a mail today, just for telling that we are all doing fine and the activities of oïl production are going well too. Thank you for your faithfull....

Best look Cesar Nlandu

The results of the cooking have been really good. We cooked rice twice so far and it cooked in 30-40 minutes....

R Madhusudhan Rao Hyderabad, India

I am doing fine thank you. I am still operating the three oil mills I bought from you. I look forward to hearing from you soon....

Charles Vanderpuye United Kingdom

The parcel was received this morning. Thanks a lot for your ever efficient and kind service. With kind regards,...

Mushiba Zambia

We received the parcel yesterday for which we thank you. Your services and concern is really appreciable and it is a pleasure to do business with you. Kind regards,...

Koos de la Rey South Africa

I know your machine as I saw it running in Dominican Republic. The machine works very well. Congratulations! Thank you and best regards,...

Giovanni Venturini Italy

Thanks I have received solar cooker and it is working fantastic, i never thought it will so easy to assemble and cook....

Sandeep Gautam India

Thank you for your mail. I am very satisfied. I advise Mr Lare to buy too....

Mr. Djagbare Togo

Unpacked the machine and assembled it accordingly. Many thanks for all the bags, chip makers and key rings. Would recommend your company to anyone who asks us. We look forward to commissioning the machine next w...

Graham Herbert Belize

Confirming that we received our oder of the decorticator yesterday. We have not yet unpacked it, but will say what an excellent job your company did with the crate construction. Durabo!...

Graham Herbert Belize

We bought the oil manufacturing machine and now it is fully operational....

Morpkims Farmers

To whom it may, I have obtained one of your products and been using it in Southwest Florida for the past year and a half or so and love it. I would be very interested in obtaining price quotes for a container of...

James L. Reppert Florida

Received the solar cooker and working perfect. Thanks a lot for the same....

Mr. Srinivas Prabhu Manglore

I recently purchased a tiny tech solar cooker from cantina west, i live in the usa, and i have some friends that want to buy one too. I love my tiny tech solar cooker and want to tell everybody about it, its Great!...


It's good to know that you have visited Zimbabwe infact we are using your tinytech oil mills to produce oil some of which we intend to use for wafers, i trust your machines ,we have used them since 1992...

Simba Paraffin Zimbabwe

Of Course Gopal, the Tiny Oil Mill is performing OK. End the year we maybe will need a plant to cashew complete process....

José Inés Bazán-Mota Mexico

Its almost 8 years and the oil mill (tinytech) is going very well. Currently we are producing expeller oil from dried grated coconut. Looking forward to hear from you soon  Thanking you, Regards...

Jagdish Fiji Islands

Thank you and congratulation for the performing machine I am very satisfied with your equipment , very easy to handle and expect to order at least two machines before July. Please describe your neutralizer how it works...

Salvator Burundi

I would like to get more information on your coconut oil expeller. I saw one unit in Apia, Samoa which I think is very efficient....

Namio. Nanpei Samoa

Thank you, the decorticator is working fine, i had to make a few adjustments, now it is great....

Norm Australia

Thanks very much Mr. Desai, I was very busy so I will check with this friend to find out. The plant is doing very well, the oil that we are producing is very clean and customers are liking it, we hope to add our capacit...

Charles Seleman Newe Tanzania

After we re-power with a new motor we intend to send the machine up to Tonga to operate Many thanks for you service and quick response. ...

Cheers Greg New Zeland

We are getting better performance from your equipment and lots of interest, the quality of the oil, in particular, is fantastic. Thanks very much....

Peter How Afghanistan

Thank you for your enquiry. Both the crusher and engine are working well....

Dr. Gerry Norton USA

I just received your email from Roch Gosselin. I was in Mauritanie one month ago, I worked with your machine and I was satisfied with it's performance. Now, I would like this machine for work in Cameroun. In Cameroun,...

Bassam Farhat Cameroun

For your information my machine is still running very well i look forward to get another one. Regards...

Mr. Peter Mana Solomon Island

We are a customer of yours and we have used on our farm your oil expeller on niger seed with satisfaction. We are the only ones with oil extracting equipment in the area. Thank you very much.  ...

Mr. Clement Doyer Thailand

The machine is working very well on sunflower. I have not been using soya bean because of the earlier challenges faced and the long time it takes to heat the soya bean seeds. Most of the mills working on soya bean have an extru...

Mrs Munhumutema Zimbabwe

Yes, machines installed and is perfectly working. My neighbour was very much impressed when he saw your machine, he said he could have waited for me....

Mr. Shettima Shehu Habib Nigeria

The sesame plant is still running well. Thanks and regards,  ...

Mr. Denis Perdraza Colombia

We are PT Intaran Indonesia/Mack Foundation had order and bought your oil expeller with cooking kettle and motor and filter press from tinytech in 2000-2001. The machine is going well until now. Now, our capacity is inc...

Mr. Ujang Adhari Bali, Indonesia

Have read your previous email on references from other Tinytech users. Actually, we have already seen your machine in action here in Manila (small expeller with filter press) and are impressed with its performance. We are looki...

Metro Manila Philippines

In going over your web page I was again impressed with your efforts to help the rural poor of the world and your dedication to others. You are much admired. It has taken us a long time but our oil processing equipment i...

Mr Robert Wycoff Belize

I have visited Mr Desai Factory personaly and was very impressed. I was even more impressed by the speed of shipping and the personal customer care. I will recomend Mr Desai (Senior and Junior) anytime as reliable manufacturers...

Mr Rienzie Edwards Shri Lanka

I am writing to inquire as to your assistance. I own a Tiny Tech Oil Mill and am quite pleased with its performance. Best regards,...

Daniel Ball Zambia

The plant is running very well actually. I am very pleased with it. Regards ...

Mr Allan Bird Papua New Guinea

Thank you very much for your after sales check. The machine is working very well. We are crushing cotton seeds and sunflower seeds. We also crushed soya bean seeds but have had to mix it with maize or corn grain to imp...

Mrs. S Munhumutema Zimbabwe

Hope you are keeping well. We have oil press up and running and she is working well. Best Regards...

Mr. Jack Hanna Northern Ireland

Thank you very much for your honesty. I received the Oil processing machines yesterday 14 August 2006. They took a long time to deliver the cargo, but I am glad you played your part and dispatched my machines on time. I...

Mr. Julius Marufu Zimbabwe

You are wise beyond your years, sir, in that we had a small test run with the TinyTech mill and filter press yesterday, and produced a small quantity (about 7 gallons) of beautiful, clear, high quality rape oil. ...

Mr. Grover Mckee USA

I have successfully crushed about 3 types of oil seeds namely groundnut, sesame and soya beans with good results. Thank you....

Abubakar Nigeria

I am pleased to inform you that the plant is working fine and perfectly. We are producing at full capacity....

Mr Kayode Adeosun Nigeria

I am happy our funds made it rapidly. We will be happy to have this machinery and will be more than happy to be contacted for references in the future. Thank you for your excellent communication regarding this purchase. I look fo...

Jeffrey A. Bowman, USA

I'm writhing from Uruguay, South America. First of all i must say sorry for my bad english. I'm evaluating the economic viability of a small biodiesel plant in a farm. I visited a biodiesel plant in Paysandú, and...

Dr. Federico Uruguay

Thanks Gopal, I am impressed with the quality of your product....

Michael Lynott South Africa

Many thanks. The spares arrive last week and they are currently being cleared. Many thanks once again for your prompt and excellent service. All the best.  ...

Mr. Mushiba Nyamazana Zambia

I´m glad to say now , that the expeller is working good , after a few weeks, we are getting a good result of the equipment....

Marcelo C. Pruss Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear Mr. Desai, I had very good progress with your oil expeller. Thanks a lot....

Richard Onderka USA

Im glad to inform you that the Tinytech Oil Mill that we buy you last year is working in a very high performance. Because of that we have the idea of increasing production buying another Tinytech Oil Mill....

Carlos Saravia Uruguay

I am sure you still remember me. I am Alex Mugova at ITDG. I bought a tinytech oil mill from you in 1997 and the mill is still working well. Warm regards....

Alex Mugova Zimbabwe

The mills sent to Alotau are working well so far. many thanks for you assistance....

Ken Fitzgerald Papua New Guinea

Thank you for your reply, now the mill is working well and able to process 1500-2000 kg of copra in 10-12 hours to produce 1000 liters of coconut oil. Please provide another quote for one copra mill asap for new order...

Allan Tobalbal Oliver Papua New Guinea

The manufacturing of the oil works well. have made a lot out of fresh and kiln dried coconut. Some copra oil which we are using in our cars. The deputy prime minister of PNG was so happy that he made me a director of th...

Mr. Horn Papua New Guinea

We have begin production oil. No problem about expeller. We started groundnut kernel crushing since three months without any problem. Groundnut decorticator also worked without any problem. Thank you very much e...

Douti / Djagbare Togo

Greetings from Zimbabwe. I am one of the operators of your tinytech oil expressor. I am happy with the technology and it has proved easy to operate for my staff in a rural area in Zimbabwe. I wish to expand my business in another ...

Simon Matsvai Zimbabwe

The results of the cooking have been really good. We cooked rice twice so far and it cooked in 30-40 minutes....

Madhusudhan Rao Hyderabad, India

I want to congratulate you on the good solar cooker that you sent me. In the girls’ hostel we are cooking food for over a 100 girls with the community solar cooker that you sent us. And the girls found the food tastier! I a...

Rappai India

The news from Cuba about working of expeller are very good. We confirm that we are crushing Jatropha seeds in expeller and obtained 600 liters of oil from 2 tons of seed. We made some changes in the worm sequence and the results w...

Ismael Cuba

Compliments of the season. I am glad to let you know that the full production line is working perfectly well...

Customer Nigeria

I am still operating the three oil mills I bought from you. The oil mills are located at Twifo Mampong and I am now the leading producer of palm kernel oil in the locality. I now want to start producing coconut oil in addition to ...

Charles Vanderpuye Cavan Ventures, UK

I know your machine as I saw it running in Dominican Republic. The machine works very well. Congratulations...

Giovanni Venturini Dominican Republic


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Installed Oil Mill Plants

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